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Specializing in: Anxiety, Depression, Grief,  Stress Management, Chronic Pain, Deep Relaxation & Balancing the Body Systems

Sound   Healing Therapy 
EFT Practitioner
 Holistic Nutritionist
Wholeness Coach

By phone or in person

Flowing Body-Mind & Emotions Into  Harmony

Everything is in a state of Vibration!
Vibration creates a frequency, which creates sound

Harmonic Sound Waves easily & gently clear emotional disruptions from the body. Sound is also  used to relieve pain and tension caused by car accidents, sports injuries, chronic pain, related health issues and daily

Harmonic Sound Waves have the ability to 
 restore healthy cell to cell communication. Sound acts like a  reboot system, by reminding the body where its natural state of health is through entraining it back into balance.

Sound waves have a profound affect on the nervous system, adrenals, thyroid and the whole endocrine system, organs,
and energy centers

Free Half  Hour Consultation
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Are you looking for an alternative to conventional therapy or medication for your chronic stress,
 anxiety or depression?

Are past experiences and trauma keeping you from moving forward?

Do you have chronic pain from health related issues?

Do you have relationships in your life that are difficult?

Are you feeling challenged at your job?

Do you have past injuries that still trouble you?

Are you looking for a way to balance and relax your body and then keep it that way?

Personal Benefits:
  • Learn empowering techniques which can be used in            every aspect of your life
  • Gain motivation and self empowerment
  • Acquire deep relaxation and re-balancing tools
  • Eliminate negative self-talk & emotional distractions
  • Rid the mind of limiting beliefs, which will set you            free to move into a more positive space
  • Manage stress effectively
  • Get to the root of your emotional discomfort
  • Clear Anxiety and Depression 
  • Release chronic pain & tension in  specific areas of the      body for health & well-being
  • Create a powerful vision of how you want your life
  • Set a plan to stay on track

Sound Therapy, EFT & Life Coaching are also beneficial for loss, grief, anger, trauma, childhood trauma, healing bad memories,  PTSD, addictions and other emotional disruptions that keep you slowed down. 

What People Say About Well Designed You, and Rowena McKee
Rowena has been a tremendous help to me. When I started with her therapy, I had a lot of negative mind chatter and emotional needling that was constantly underneath the surface. All of that has stopped and I have a sense of peace and happiness that is predominately with me. I feel emotionally healthy and I don't get negatively triggered by much in my life anymore. My relationship with my husband has improved greatly and I have released painful memories from my past. Life looks and feels so much better now!
Anne M.  Portland, Or
I am a little surprised as to how easy it was for me to accept and work with Rowena and her methods for zeroing in and treating emotional roadblocks. I have tried a number of mainstream therapists for a variety of problems, but none helped me get the results that Rowena has. She is easy to trust and she has many tools that she uses, all of which "felt right" to me, even if I couldn't really explain how they worked.            Linda K. Portland, Or


I have had sessions with Rowena spanning the past two years. It is always amazing how fast she manages to get to the root of the problem and how easy it is to release my emotional baggage! She is extremely intuitive and the sessions always seem to fall in the domain of miracles....she is sensitive, compassionate and a good listener. I highly recommend her to anybody who would like to feel "lighter" or to anybody tired of the old and disabling behaviors. You won't be sorry you did!           Phil L.  Portland, Or

 Although I was familiar with EFT, I was not utilizing the technique very successfully on my own. She uses a collaborative approach between she and the client to address and eliminate emotional triggers that lead to unpleasant or unproductive behaviors. Rowena's approach helped me clearly identify the source of the problem and address the issue from the core. I have found it extremely helpful in relieving anxiety and fear issues that have bothered me for years. I feel more free, more light-hearted and accepting of myself. I have recommended her to family and friends."
Melissa D.
Portland, Or.