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Flowing Body-Mind & Emotions back Into Harmony

Sound EFT
Wholeness Coaching
Harmonic Sound Massage

Deeply relax & re-balance with a Harmonic Sound Massage

Through EFT & Wholeness Coaching release unwanted emotions, which keep you from living with vitality & confidence. Release blocks that keep your body from balancing and healing. 

Bring clarity to your personal goals & increase personal effectiveness in your job & relationships


For more information or to set an appointment please contact 

Rowena McKee 
Certified Holistic Health Practitioner
Sound Healing Practitioner

503.320.1790 ~

Free Half Hour 
Consultation Upon Request 
(may not be combined with first appointment)


Also offering:

Professional Relaxation Tools & Techniques
Holistic Nutrition
Holistic Pain Management
Ion-Cleanse Detox Foot Bath

Relaxation ~ Balance ~ Clarity ~ Health